A red umbrella, tilted 45 degrees to the right, the universal symbol for sex worker rights

Meet DeLaine

FAQ - Booking

DeLaine, standing in a doorway to illustrate her astonishing height. Her left hand reaches up to touch the top of the doorway just inches from the top of her head, and her right knee is bent with her right heel resting on the doorframe. She is wearing an unbuttoned white dress shirt, black lace bra, pink and black lace waist cincher, and nude thigh highs with a black seam up the back. Her right foot shows a pale tan colored classic platform stiletto.


The best way to get in touch is using the form on my Contact page. You can also send me an email directly at delaineinla@gmail.com. I do have a secure email address, delaine@safeoffice.com, though I only use this upon request as it's unfortunately a little unreliable when it comes to not ending up in your spam folder.
My phone number is 424-703-5058, but I generally don't keep this phone on unless I'm expecting a message. If you call or text me, please leave me some info about when and how it's discreet to get back to you. If you don't, I generally won't reply to missed calls or texts after about one hour.

Please try again using the form on my Contact page. There's a possibility your message ended up in spam, or if you contacted me by phone I likely missed your message by a long enough period of time that I felt it was indiscreet to reply.
Please keep in mind that I will not respond to explicit messages. This includes messages with "hobby" acronyms.
Also, I'm human! Sometimes I just miss one, or something happens and I forget to reply. I don't mind a friendly followup.

I do offer webcam sessions, which can be scheduled in advice via my Contact page. I do not offer video chat for verification.

There is indeed! We can use Telegram instead of regular text messages; Telegram is a separate, encrypted, messaging system, so Telegram messages and phone numbers won't show up on a phone bill. The app download will show up on a download history for the Google Play Store or App Store, so please keep this in mind if you have a shared billing account and need to be discreet. I do require a real phone number during my screening process, but once you are screened we can use more secure options to communicate if you prefer.

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