A red umbrella, tilted 45 degrees to the right, the universal symbol for sex worker rights

Meet DeLaine

Rates & Options

A Personal Touch

Most gentlemen seeking my company do so with the understanding that their needs are deeper and more complex than what they feel the average companion can provide. Sometimes they are nervous, not yet having met an entertainer; sometimes past experiences have been entirely unfulfilling, leaving them with the distinct feeling as though a piece of the puzzle is still missing.

Some pioneering gentlemen even pursue regular time with me in lieu of a full time, traditional girlfriend, which comes with the comfort of knowing their secrets are always safe; they know that during the time we spend together I will always be thrilled to see them, brimming with enthusiasm and intent on erasing the worries that exist in the outside world.

DeLaine is standing in front of a window with sheer white curtains. She is wearing a strapless black gown with a slit up to her thigh. She is bent over adjusting the top of her nude thigh high stocking, which you can see through the slit in the gown. Her voluptuous breasts are nearly spilling out the top of the gown, and her long auburn hair cascades down over her shoulders.


Meet me at my private suburban location in Palos Verdes, South Bay, Los Angeles.

1 hour

A quick escape


90 mins

Preferred minimum


2 hours

Ideal for first timers


3 hours

Time to break the ice



I am happy to visit your hotel room in Los Angeles or Orange County



>10 miles

add $100

<10 miles

add $200

<20 miles


Extended Engagements

Longer visits help us create a more genuine connection. I’d love to connect with you!


Up to 5hrs, local only


All Day

Up to 10 hours



16 hours; outcall only


Day Trip

24 hour escape



48 hour getaway


Socially Distant Companionship

A low-pressure option for those with social anxiety, or a way to break the ice in a more organic environment. If you need things to slow down, then this is for you. A perfect solution for new friends who need a bit more time to engage.
This is also an excellent option for people who are neuro-spicy and are looking for a safe place to practice social skills.  Don’t worry – that request is very common!

Lazy Afternoon

My place, $200/hr

A fun way to escape from the outside world. Come hang out at my place, get to know each other over drinks or coffee or tea, with no lingering pressure.

Great option for first timers or for honing social skills, or simply kicking back with a friendly face and no expectations.

Time To Play

My place, $200/hr

Come to my place and enjoy any of the titles on my ps5, or bring your own and we can set up a LAN. Let’s tackle that achievement or easter egg you’ve been trying to get, or team up in some competitive multiplayer and see how we stack up.

Netflix & Actually Chill

My place, $200/hr

Let’s watch that documentary or series you’ve been dying to see, and find out what’s so special!Maybe you want to watch a movie (or two) instead? Let’s grab something to eat and see where the suggestions take us!

Dinner & Dessert

My place, $200/hr + groceries

Send me your preferences, and I’ll make you a home-cooked meal from scratch while we get to know each other. My skills in the kitchen are second only to my legendary bosom, so you’re in good hands.