A red umbrella, tilted 45 degrees to the right, the universal symbol for sex worker rights

Meet DeLaine

FAQ - Covid-19

DeLaine, laying on a large bed draped with pink and gray coverlets and pillows. She is laying on her right side with her left knee bent, to show off her curvaceous thighs that are highlighted by nude thigh highs and pale tan platform stilettos. Over her hip, you can just glimpse a black lace bra and her head cocked to the side, draped by long auburn hair.

Covid-19 Precautions

Not anymore, but I do give preference to appointments with patrons who can send me their recent vaccine & booster records.

Yes. I have also received every booster that has been made available.

In addition to keeping up on my boosters, I limit my time at public gatherings, and wear a mask when I am in enclosed public spaces with poor ventilation.
My incall space is disinfected with a bleach or steam solution on items like the linens and bedding, and in common areas.

Sure! For a $50 fee,we can arrange in advance to both take a rapid test the morning of our appointment and share the results via email. If either of us test positive, we can reschedule for another day within the next 3 months without the loss of your deposit.

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