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Meet DeLaine

Covid-19 Guidelines

updated 12/4/2023

I am eagerly available to meet vaccinated patrons! At this time I do require proof of vaccination and current boosters. If you’d like an extra layer of precaution, we can each take a rapid test the morning of our engagement and share the results via email, for a $50 fee.

Get Vaccinated

As of 2024, I no longer require proof of vaccination from my patrons. I do, however, give a significant priority to clients who are able to provide their Covid-19 vaccination record or who send me a rapid test the morning of their appointment.

Wash Your Hands

Please wash your hands. I provide antibacterial soap and clean linens for all of my guests, which are treated in a disinfecting bleach and hot water solution.

Take A Shower

I provide a hygiene kit, and once again, clean linens for all of my guests. You are always welcome to bring your own products too!

Take Your Temp

The morning we meet, please take your temperature to check that it’s normal. If it’s elevated, or if you feel any symptoms, please reschedule your appointment.

Rapid Testing

For a $50 fee, we can both take a rapid test the morning of our visitl. If either test is positive, our meeting can be postponed without a loss of deposit.